4 Reasons Why You Need A Real Estate Agent

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4 Reasons Why You Need A Real Estate Agent

first, you want their expertise; second, to get maximum value for your property; third, so you are not taken advantage of; and fourth, so a secret buyer doesn’t purchase the property.

What you need an agent for

Let’s start with why you need a real estate agent, then go on to the very important reason why you do not need one, but why you should. You need a real estate agent when it comes time to sell your home. For example, you buy your home knowing that your town has a healthy real estate market. You do not need a new home loan to buy the home you want, especially with as much as you can afford to spend on the house you want. You are going to be listing this house by yourself and you are going to be selling it by yourself. You have little to no experience selling a home. This means that you can get discouraged very quickly if you are unable to sell your home in a reasonable amount of time. Or maybe your home takes longer than expected to sell.


Before choosing an agent, you need to make sure they have the experience and expertise to maximize your property’s value. For example, to sell or buy, a buyer wants to work with an experienced agent who can identify and showcase their greatest asset – their house. For example, if the house is an old “fixer-upper,” but the seller’s experience and expertise were on display, the buyer would much prefer the original, recently renovated house over the rest. Similarly, if you are selling a newer home, the buyer wants to work with someone who has an established track record. You should not work with an agent who does not have a proven track record because they will lack the skill set needed to serve you well. Moreover, the potential buyer can never rely solely on the seller.

How to get the most money for your property

The amount you get paid for the home should be directly related to the two qualities above. With today’s market in your favor, you can expect to be paid more for a home than you would otherwise. The 3 main ways to get a higher asking price include: Setting a listing price that has already been beaten, and being willing to back out of the sale once the market heats up or if the home is in the eyes of the public. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by your home. Plan a fun weekend trip, get together with family or friends, or go for a massage. Even taking a break for a day or two can be good for your mental health and not as stressful as taking care of your house and making it sell. A great way to stay positive is to stay focused. Remember what’s important and keep working on it.

Protecting you from being taken advantage of

When you have a buyer looking to purchase your property, the buyer might get a great offer from someone they know or might be connected to through a friend. If you are not in the loop and do not know who is looking to buy your property, the property may go to the wrong party. When you are contacted by the wrong buyer, there are two options. If you are not interested in the sale, and the seller tries to get you to agree to a price they are asking, you can refuse the sale, and the seller will be out $1,000 for your time. The seller will then have to sell the property to the correct buyer. If you are interested in the sale, the seller will try to go back and forth with you on price. The seller may try to get you to agree to a price that you don’t like, and may play with your emotions.

Protecting you from a secret buyer

When you go to sell a property, you want to sell it at a price that includes what you feel the market is really worth. When a secret buyer purchases the property and the commission from your listing agent is less than the true market value, your commission will be less than what you feel the market value should be. Remember, the secret buyer is not working for you, but for the secret buyer, who is a profit-seeking organization. Also remember that if a buyer is going to have a buyer’s agent that pays a commission, they also want to pay the buyer’s agent a commission. As a real estate agent, we like commissions, too. We work hard to get them, so we want to make sure that if you are selling a home to a secret buyer, you get the commission that is rightfully yours.

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